Wednesday, May 9, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge - where I stand

So here is the challenge list once again!

As you can tell I am not able to follow any schedule on the drawing challenge. Challenge started Jan 24 and I am still at day 13 after 3 months! I need some motivation.

While I have gone from a 100% full force to a minus100% of not even thinking about it to the current average 50% of just getting it done somehow, I am learning many things.

First of all, my mind is not relaxed and focused. With time, the importance, the energy and spirit of getting the drawing done has dropped.
Second of all, I am not a good artist. I started off with the challenge to get my mind occupied; more of a distraction. I got success in the beginning but somehow my mind wondered around taking me along with it.
Thirdly, I want it to get done to day 30 not because I enjoy it, but only so that I don't be seen as a loser especially because the challenge is out on the blog accessible to the whole world.
4. If I did not feel like drawing on a day, I made reasons - to myself of course - for why I should not draw. Reasons were, I am too depressed, this challenge is for artists who need to practice and not me, I'll do it tomorrow maybe, I have never completed any thing related to creativity or talent so why this and so on.
5. It is very difficult to remain focused on something consistently. Even if you like it.

Anyways. Time for Day 13! I put together something. Will upload in a bit. 

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