Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Friendship Day

Well... Its been over a month for the friendship day I guess. I wanted to write something about friendship on that day. Guess I was waiting for some motivation to get me started. The motivation lasted just to get me write the topic! It happens to me many times. Enthusiasm just drops off from 120% to -20%. May be its because of the kind of food I eat I reason. I know, makes no sense right? Yes, makes no sense.

I spoke to Gauri yesterday... she reminds me how important it is to keep Kriya regular. I did Kriya today after hmm... 2 months! Feels so... me today.

So friends... yes, that was what this topic was about. I have 300+ friends on Facebook. I am not sure if I can call them all 'friends'. But we have crossed paths sometime in the past and that has made us stick to each other through FB. And I am glad we do. Otherwise how would I know that one of my school friends recently got a baby! Or it was 4 of my friends birthdays yesterday! Or someone loves her baby a lot! Someone just came back from Vegas. Like its a big deal! Before we got onto FB did we even care? But now that we are, we want to see more. See more of our friends and more interaction with them.

But what do you do when your friends are not on FB. They never check emails. They don't have an email id. They don't connect to Internet. Do you know anyone like that? Well, may be your question is, Is there anyone like that in today's world? Well, fortunately there are! I have to call them to get in touch with them. I don't have to wait for them to post on my wall or wait for them to send reply to my email. The only way to talk to them is actually TALK to them.

Just called a couple of my non digitally existent friends. Feels so good! Forgot to wish them Happy belated Friendship day!