Monday, January 31, 2011

Doctor's clinic makes me nervous

Here I am waiting for my turn. It's time for a regular check up but I wonder why head feels so odd. I just want to get done with this stuff.

The place is full of people waiting patiently for their turn. Other side of the counter there are those chirpy ever so trying to please receptionists. Stop the smiles and the sweet talks you lame gals. Whats so funny or pleasing today that i cannot figure.

I cannot wait to just get out of this place. Why did I even come here. I feel great! I need no tests to prove I am not unwell.

Phew! Still no sign of the doctor. I think I may just faint with stress when I finally hear 'shriiiiiya?'

Believe it or not and I heard 'naaaatkar?' I feel like killing that fat miss! I wonder why they can never pronounce Indian names clearly and the way it is spelled? Mere naam ki khichdi banake rakhaa hain.
Feels like I am just too stressed for any marginal tolerance today. Beware you those who will interact with me.

Blood pressure higher than usual the nurse says. Obviously! Why don't you guys change the decor of this place? I say to myself. Do something to make me feel it's a movie theater. She goes away.

And here I am once again waiting for the next turn.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping clothes

There are some people who look at the price tag before looking at the dress. Some look at the dress and don't even look at the price before purchasing at the counter.

There are few who look at the dress and then the price. Whereas few look at the price and then the dress?

Which one are you?


Isn't this funny? People are funny.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

They learn on their own

I looked at the water and saw tons of stones floating only on one side of the river. What did just fall from the sky I wondered? When I walked past this place an hour back, there was nothing there. I looked at them again and again. And suddenly I realized the stones had wings and beaks and those were not stones but birds!

What made them all gather to the edge of the river I wondered. I could think of only one thing and it was so obvious.
The sun was setting and as the sun went down on the other side of the mountain across the river, the sun's reflection only reached this side of the river.
With the temperature falling with the pace at which sun was setting, the little birds all gathered in the only sun lit area of the water.
Looks like they savour the warmth till the very end! I found it very interesting, took a picture to post here too!

Hey! This reminds me of something very similar I saw at my Aunt's place in Mumbai. There was a B.E.S.T bus depot just behind the place where my aunt lived in Dadar. First thing we heard at noon was a siren and then if we looked outside our window, we would see all the employees outside in the open area. They just stood still, no talking no eating no smoking, nothing. Just sun bathing in the middle of the day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ultra depth

I bet you will get addicted to this iPhone game. I just scored my best and thought I should post it here.

Those with iPhone don't miss downloading this app. Have fun!