Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life's barometer

I wonder at times, what is that I am here to achieve in this life? Is life's purpose only getting somewhere? Answer I get loud and clear is NO. Answer is just BE in the present moment. Being peaceful, joyful and full of love.

Now I think I get what my inner voice tells me. More than getting it, I feel elated just that I am on the path of finding that me.

Time and again people around us throw garbage of comparisons, monitory achievements, society made statuses, conditions and rules at you that make life a challenge. I hate to say life, because my life is my conscious, my inner peace, the ME which no one can reach or touch through thought, speech or action. But it does affect my thoughts and emotions. And at that time I hate how my mind empowers me.
I forget the stillness in me. My mind chatters and makes all kind of noise. I start comparing my 'life' (the life that my mind knows and builds) with the false definitions. I try my best to keep my mind shut.

I feel very restless. I feel like explaining what I have come to know to those around. But feel devastated when they don't get it. More than what they do to influence my thoughts and emotions, I feel more sorry for what they are doing to themselves and world around with the unwanted negative energy.

Those running after those million dollars, you will not get those million you are looking for. Because even if you get a million, there will be those million missing that you would want.

Those waiting to be happy after you get a better job, you will not be happy that time. Because there will be that position you want or that other salary package you want that you would not get at the new job.

Those waiting to travel new places after your kid graduates or after you retire, remember life on this earth is short. You may not live healthy enough to travel after you retire.

Those mothers waiting for your kids to marry to see them happy, please look at your kids again. They are happy right now and may not be more happier ever.

Those others who 'think' or 'believe' building a grand house or marrying is settling down, please look at your own life. If you are married, do you feel settled? If you have a grand house, do you feel settled? I can guarantee you are not. Because you have now other things to do to get settled.

If you can simply be more conscious and present that's the best gift you can give to yourself, your friends, your family and all mankind. Time is running out; take control of your mind and life before mind takes control of you.