Monday, September 13, 2010

Bhivkhuryos (darpoks)

Just as we sat to have dinner, we heard some sound inside our TV table. The sound was as if somebody was struggling to get out through the doors. For a moment we thought we were just hearing some noises from our neighbors house (at times we hear people snoring from the house next door!). But the sound repeated and the door started moving.
Aiyyoo!! Both Navin and me jumped out of our chairs! We were scared it could be a snake or a squirrel or some other animal. Navin made a frantic call to his friend who lives close to our house to come help us free the trapped animal.
Unfortunately the friend did not pick our calls. What do we do? On one hand we were both scared to open the cupboard, on the other hand we were both embarrassed that we were scared and jumping around like small kids and had to get help in the middle of the night.
Here's a video of Navin calling our security LOL

It was funny how the security guard was as scared as us. Here's a video taken while the two men were at war with the trapped animal.

Watch till end of the video! The haunting soul trapped inside was nothing but our DVD player. I had placed a heavy book on the DVD remote player by mistake and the button was being pushed continuously to eject the DVD. LOL It was so funny!