Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking forward to 2009!

Just a few days from now and 2008 would be known as 'last year'. Time to make new year resolutions! Frankly speaking I have never made any such list in my life and felt that it was a stupid concept. I never understood why we had this trend of making up to-do lists at the beginning of a new year. Why not anytime when need arises?

But now I get the point. It is just a way to keep life interesting and keep ourselves on our toes; keep us motivated to see our resolutions succeed within a year. In some cases just get us started. What better time to make a start then the New Years!

So here I am ready and all set for the new year. This year 08 has been a very exciting one for me and I wish and look forward to an even more happening and exciting next year.

At my Art of Living class, my teacher told me how she used to make a list of her new yr resolutions and even asked all her family members to keep one. At the end of the year she and her family look back on their list and proudly strike off what they managed to reach. Those they could not was carried forward or buried under. I thought this was a really cool idea. Wouldn't it be a great treat to see, many years from now what our aspirations and cravings were and how they change?

I am listing down My wishes and Resolutions for 2009 here so that my Friends who do read the post know about it too and may decide to keep a wish list for the new year.

1. I want to learn to play a music instrument - when I was little I had joined a class to learn Harmonium. But I never survived beyond one week of class. As a kid I feel I was more of a rebellious kind; did not want to do something cos my parents said I should do. Well, I did not have any interests either; so that kept me dull and boring. Now I want to learn the art of music; any instrument. I have few preferences: flute, drums, tabla, harmonica (my Dad had bought one from Kuwait when I was little and love I it), violin.

2. Collect songs and download to my ipod/cell - While driving I always listen to 103.5 kiss FM and am very fond of the songs that they play there. I don't understand the lyrics so well (thanks to my hearing abilities and understanding the varied accents) but I have managed to type the songs on my cell phone notes as I listen to them. But I have never managed to look for the songs and make the collection accessible whenever I want to listen to them. I wish somebody can do it for me :) I can try listing down the list as a post. It is going to be hilarious cos I know the words don't match. For instance, what I thought was 'i wanna breakup with u' was actually 'i wanna makeup with u' in one song. hahaha But nevertheless would be a good try to get some help to fulfill one wish.

3. Learn Tap dancing - Many many years back I had seen Aaditi as a small kid do tap dancing. I was very impressed and fascinated by the dance and thought I should learn it too. I never got the chance; but now I think I have more chances of finding a tap dance class in the neighborhood.

4. Be a Social Media Enthusiasts and involve in related activities - As part of my recent assignment at work I have got exposed to the idea of Social Networking and its concepts. I want to be able to learn the latest trends in social media and get connected to the right sources on the web. I want to dedicate a solid X amount of time to blogging, twitting, FB and the like everyday. I want to learn about open source and the what and how around it. I have not yet thought how I can benchmark this wish. I will add when I think of something I can share.

5. Visit India - I want to be able to make a visit to India - my home town Goa this year. I have not been there in a while and think 09 should work out for us. It is my Dad's and Mom-in-law's 60th birthday and an aunt's 25th wedding anniversary. Would be just great if we could plan our vacation around that time. Or may be one of my friends get married; and I get to attend a wedding :)

6. Attend part 2 of the Art of Living class - Earlier this year I attended the part 1 course of AOL and it has been very positive for me in terms of seeing the value of life and one's existence. I was able to let my guard down and embrace life with more energy and love. But I feel I have still come soul cleaning to do :) Jokes apart, I would really want to do the course. Part 1 was done out of curiosity but part 2 is a must do for me.

7. Volunteering Activities - I want to get associated with volunteering activities whenever I can. Every time I think about it I put it off thinking that let me first settle in a place where I know I will live for a while. With the kind of work I do, there are uncertainties of location of placement. But I feel it is just a bad reason not to get started. In past few months I have come across many people who can help me with this. I only have to get started.
I talk a lot about this with my friend Tushar who also works in same office as me. But sadly I have not been able to contribute in anyway. On the other hand Tushar had donated blood after we started talking about it. Isn't that cool.

8. Buy a New Car - This wish I believe can wait till end of 09 unless we buy some other car which will help us get rid of the present one. I have no complaints against the one we have right now, but its an old one. A brand new would be so much more fun and safe too.

9. Drive on freeways - Its been more than 4 months that I have started driving independently in the US. But I have never drove on freeways. Firstly I never got a reason to go there and whenever we did, my husband Navin used to drive. I always complained that why Navin did not give me a chance to drive whenever we met and most of times we would end up in a fight. Eventually he did give me the car keys but I used to be too annoyed to drive. I felt he did not trust my driving, but now when I think about it, how could he when I myself did not. :) So all well that end's well. And I want to end well by taking on the roads. My friend Anees at work has offered to accompany me. I should not delay or he may change his mind :D

10. Read Books - I have to admit. I have been very bad at this. All of a sudden I get the urge to take up reading. I go to the library (there is this big and lovely library where I live) and pick up 10 random books that interests me at that point of time. I don't read a word but make sure I return them before expiry date. Sometimes if I am travelling I pick a book or two and somehow read at least one if not both. But at that time reading the book is all I can think. I cannot enjoy anything else or even concentrate on anything else till I finish reading the book. I want to change this habit. My resolution is that I will pick up at least 5 books to read in the new year. I have few topics in mind and want to pick a book around those and not any random book.

11. Learn Sewing - I want to learn sewing and make a quilt. I wish to buy a sewing machine too and take up this project. I have even thought about what I want to make. Fingers crossed, and I will be quilting soon!

12. Painting - As a kid I used to draw on my bedroom walls :) My mom she is so sweet; we got the walls repainted but she has still kept the part which I have messed up cos she thinks that was sweet. It was not very long ago I was very impatient to start painting. I went to the store and bought painting brush, colors, canvas and all I need. Now I only need to paint!

13. iPhone - Almost forgot! I want to buy an iPhone soon :)

There are a few other things like swimming, work out, learning new cuisines that I want to add but they are not in forefront for me. And also there are other things more important like job, work, family which cannot be part of new year resolutions.

Hope you guys make up your resolutions soon. New year is not too far!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Favorite Babies!

Sparsh and Rudra are the cutest babies I know. Wanted to share some of their pictures I had clicked whenever I happened to meet them. Rudu lives right across my house; so I have loads of her pictures.

Both are growing so fast! I remember seeing them within days of their birth and they were so tiny. Having known their mommies Aarti (Sparshu's mom) and Bindiya (Rudu's mom) even before the little ones were born, makes them all the more special to me.

To see more of Sparshu and Rudu click here. Also check out these videos listed on YouTube.
(I hate my voice in all the videos :P)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When will this end?

It is almost one week since the terrorists attacks in Mumbai. I wish I could express my feelings of anguish, hatred and depression and put it all out here so that I get a good night sleep.

I was on phone with Mom and my relatives in Mumbai on the day when I got to know of the horrible news. The news that was being telecast on TV as a gang shootout continued for three days and ended in over 170 people killed in the horrendous massacre.

Those 170 people could have been one of my friends or relatives or me. The media coverage showed bleeding bodies, crying injured people, some hanging at the windows waiting for help and rescuers. People articulated their experiences at the tragic incidence. Some video coverage showed bullets shot at people passing by the busy roads of Mumbai.

Some videos showed the faces of terror while others showed the aftermath of the episode. So many lives lost; none of them ever expected that it would have been their last day to live. So many families lost their beloved ones; the gap will never be filled again.

I wish I had a remedy to the pain and suffering in the world or at least someone did. I look upon nature to bring peace and happiness to everyone and wish humans respect life in its totality.

It has been a very saddened week with Mumbai attack news running through my head all the time. I pray to God that I get the strength, courage and opportunity to do my bit to make this planet a place for everyone to live with peace and harmony.