Monday, March 24, 2008

Lost Keys!

Today a funny thing happened.

Navin uses our car to go to office daily. So anything and everything related to the car is directed to Navin. By this I mean whats the car mileage, where are the car papers, insurance registration, expiry, taking to mechanic, or for that matter even where the car is parked or where the car keys are kept!

I am only an infrequent guest who get a chance to sit in the car if we decide to go out over the weekend. And as far as me able to drive the car goes, forget it!

But over a couple of weeks things have been changing slowly. Against all odds, I manage to get hold of the car keys (gets very tricky at times, baht mehenat karni padhti hain) and after lot of persuation I am given the pleasure to drive!!! Well persuation on both sides. One - making Navin comfortable and assured that I CAN drive and other times it is making myself ready and excited to drive.

Last evening Tushar and Navin had to go for a swimming class and luckily (for me) they decided to travel in one car. And even more luckier was that they decided to take Tushar's car. Hee hee. Now that left me home alone ofcourse and more importantly with our beloved car.

It was the first time as far as I can remember, I drove alone by myself. So, here I was, happy and excited to exploit my freedom to take on the roads! And most importantly not have someone at my side who would usually have his heart in his mouth every time I stepped on the gas and who was ready to have an heart attack any moment.

When I came to office this morning, I get a call from a very panicked Navin. 'Where are the car keys!?' huh? 'I dunno. you drive the car, you should know.', I shout back. The funny thing was I had got the car keys with me to office. Boy, how I enjoyed the crack in Navin's voice. He was getting late for work (thats a every day story) and had been warned a couple of times by his manager. Well, don't think it was a wicked prank I had planned. It just so happened that the car keys remained in my purse after my infamous road trip (well, I would prefer to call it a road trip, so what)! And isn't it the driver's responsibility to make sure the keys are available when needed? But while I was talking to Navin on the phone, I knew the other duplicate car keys were at home and he could use them instead.

But thats how human minds work. You don't find the usual things (which you feel you own) in the usual place and you feel nervous. You want to blame someone before even looking for other options. In this situation, Navin was calling to blame me for not returning the keys to him, whereas I was blaming him for not remembering to take the keys back from me!

And why am I writing this as a blog post??? Like you know, the lazy me started writing this post the day the incidence happened and seemed so interesting. Now its almost a week, and I picked it up in between to finish off what I started with. And now it doesn't seem so interesting.

Anyways. Atleast keeps my blog spot space occupied :-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Shining Stars

I remember this evening faintly. I was travelling from Goa to Mangalore in the Ganesh travels bus. I don't know why I was feeling lonely. But I remember I wanted to reach Mangalore as soon as I could and put down the thoughts on paper, well, rather type it down somewhere.
I doubt if any IT person would ever like to write on paper, say maintain a diary or something! I used to keep a diary long long time back but then I used it as a crib session to let go my frustration about studies and my fights with my sister. So I dumped it and moved on.

So that journey in bus, I was thinking I am lonely and was getting emotional about close friends. I would really want to go back to that day and find uout what made me think like this. May be I was missing my friends! Anyways. I came to Mangalore and posted it on my office bulletin board. I also sent it to few of my friends. And now, I thought why not put it here as a keepsake. This was written sometime Dec 2002 or Dec 2003.

.. a thought to share !

I think to myself... work and gain nothing! frustrations creep... health ruined... no fun! Nothing seems interesting...Dumb codes.. issue logs... dart... bugs... be productive at 9:00 Uhhh!

I want to get away from it all I thought one day. I land up on a lonely beach... i look around. Waves merrily splashing againt the rocks happy with the presence of just each other. Trees swaying, wind blowing all doing their own thing.

I look up at the sky. I see a star starring right at me. Ahhh! Thats him I say! This is whom I can identify myself. Just no one besides him, no one to talk to, no one to share a thought... no one to tell I am sad.. i am lonely. I call him aloud... "Hey! I understand your situation. You are just like me.. "

"No" he replies. "I might look lonely to you all... but see closely... there are so many more stars in the sky.. with me... all the while. You are right. You are me. You may find yourself all alone at times. No one around. But did you see around you? Its all in your mind. Your people are always there for you. They will be there for you now and forever. Some might be dull and maybe busy with their world but try to turn towards them and look for them... you will find them.... " ..

Thats what I did. I looked around and I saw all my stars! They formed a beautiful word "Friends". Thank you all for being my friend. You are special to me. I might be a fool sometimes to ignore your brightness and your twinkle. I pray to God that you reach the heights of the sky and do well in all you do. Enjoy your vacations. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome Everyone

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Shreya's Space!

I had been waiting to start blogging and share my little space with all my friends. But my laziness always managed to surpass my 'want' to write.

As I begin to put down my first blog, I hope it is going to be an interesting and exciting experience for me and those who visit my space.

Takecare folks! Looking forward to hear from you for feedback and comments.