Monday, August 10, 2009

Burnt Out

It sounded so simple... Cut the apricots into halves, cover with honey, add whipped egg white with almonds. Bake for ... for? Hmm I forgot how much time they had mentioned.
Well, actually I was skimming through the TV channels and landed on one interesting show showing low calorie deserts. Baked apricot! And it looked so yummy. And easy. And it was a baking dish. Did I say I have been addicted to baking for past few weeks? I have been baking cakes and last week I also
baked fish :)


Simple procedure isn't it? I set the oven 375 F. 20 minutes? Seemed no change in the texture since what I started with. So I added 15, then another 20 and then another 30.

Bing Bing Bing! The timer went off. I looked through the oven glass. Well, not bad. Looked delicious still. I let it lay there for a little more. And went to watch a movie.
Pathetic movie! Something gonna give... or some nonsense like that. Never knew Jack Nicholson could give some movie this silly!

In an hour or two I thought I should see how my desert was doing. And what do I see???

Here! Huh.

Yeh I know :(

I never knew the oven would keep heating even after the timer died out.

This was what remained after I had to throw away the so called charred Apricots. And this oven tray still looks like this even after 2-3 days soaking in water. Any idea how to get rid of the unwanted hardened grease from the tray?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rotten Bananas

Navin and I both love bananas; so whenever we are at a food store to buy fruits, bananas will definitely be on the checkout list. In fact we were at Half Moon Bay last weekend for a barbecue. On our way back we stopped at the local road side organic fruit shop. There were tons of fruits on the table and we picked bananas! Luckily we saw 'butki keli' (short sweet bananas very similar to what we get in Goa) there and we both knew we had to HAVE it. :) We already had few at home and did not want to bring home more so just picked a couple to eat in the car :). Kevin and friends in the car joked about it but we enjoyed our 'butki keli'.

So as you see we always have bananas at home. And many times they rot and we have to throw them out. Today I decided I will make banana muffins simply because I did not want to throw those rotten bananas away. Well, well, you should see how it turned out. Simply superb!!! I don't like to praise my creations but this one is something I would want my friends to try too. It was really easy and since I had all the ingredients at home, within an hour the cake was ready. Here is the recipe Shreya's Food World. I keep a list of my favorite recipes on this blog.

I did not have muffin cups so baked it like a normal cake. In the past one month this is the third time I am baking a cake. No wonder Navin and I are putting on the extra pounds with no exercise whatsoever. Anyways, that is a different issue and we don't want to mix it with our eating habits :P

Last time we had called Navin's mom who is in Goa, she was amazed asking why is Shreya baking so many cakes? haha We cannot wait to call this weekend and tell her it was yet another day of cakes here!