Monday, November 8, 2010


We had a small pup we called Ruby. She was a brown fur ball jumping around, always full of energy. I don't remember what happened of her. We had to give her away.

My mom hated dogs, there was no way we could get a dog. But when my sister got the cute Ruby home, her heart melted and Mom agreed to let her stay. Well, the real reason to let her stay was my sister who cried so aloud and put a big drama that mom had no other choice but to keep Ruby. Condition to keep Ruby however was that my sis and I should take care of her.

But soon the small cute pup grew into a little naughty monster. Neither my sis nor I took proper care of her. Walking Ruby became a chore no one wanted to own. Soon we realised that keeping a dog is not an easy task. My mom did not have the time nor the patience to look after another kid. Soon Ruby had to leave our house and was taken away... I still don't know where my Dad took her. For many years I was too scared to ask about her fearing that she was dead.

Few days back I met Schatzie at the Diwali party. She was so calm, obedient and so much like a grown up. Just the opposite of our Ruby. Here are some pictures of Schatzie and me. Doesn't she look adoerable?

Navin is no different than Mom. He hates dogs, more than that he is scared of dogs. I don't know if I will have one as a pet but I really want to.