Friday, April 27, 2012

30 day drawing challenge - day 12 - most recent accomplishment

 Early this week a friend and I decided to follow a 8-week exercise schedule that we found online. It was one from the 'Athleta Iron Girl Training Guide'. A simple 5K training with only 3 days a week light jog/walk of 15-30 minutes. Today's plan was a 30 minute light walk.

But after coming home from work, I felt so lazy that I almost decided to cancel the today's walk. But somehow with a little pushing from my husband I motivated and dragged myself into my running shoes and onto the roads.

So today's evening walk is my most recent accomplishment.

BTW, did I tell? I have concluded that the daily drawing challenge was getting old and tiring too. So I have challenged myself that my I should complete the day's drawing in not more than 1/2 hour. Completing the challenge is my target. I am not going to leave it incomplete. 

30 day drawing challenge - Day 11 - Turning Point in your Life

The truth does exist, and when the truth is honestly sought, with a mind that is ready to accept the truth, whatever the truth turns out to be, then the answers do come, and the answers change people." ~ Evan Harris Walker

There have been many ups and downs in life and many events that have made a big impact on me.
Getting associated with Art of Living has changed my life and I consider that as the turning point in my life. Art of living has introduced me to Meditation, Yoga which has helped me cope with depression and make progress in my spiritual path. 

I am still learning to live my life as it is meant to be. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

30 Day drawing challenge - Day 9 - Fav TV show

My favorite TV show as a kid was the game show 'Crystal Maze' hosted by Richard O'Brien. I was completely glued to the TV set all the time. I was so fascinated by how the show went from medieval period to a modern one. The show was fast paced, very engaging and at the same time silly. Why were the bunch of people scared of that spooky looking host? Why did they run after him jumping up and down for no reason? He looked weird but at the same time was the life of the show. Does anyone remember this show? Was it your favorite too? 

Monday, April 23, 2012

30 Day Challenge

India trip and then falling ill couple of time after I came back has put a stop to the drawing challenge. But I want to finish it, even if it means it took me 3 months to finish it. I have quit too many times before and don't want to quit this time too. So next challenge was - favorite t v show.
So where did I throw my sketch book? Got to start from there!

Back from India

 I have been thinking to write this post ever since I came back from India. Few weeks back I had written something like 'I wish I never came back, how I miss home, I want to go back'. But today I don't miss home as much, nor do I feel like going back.
I wonder what is this that the mind keeps looking for. It wanders through places, people, events and attaches itself to them along the way. Wonder when it would settle. When it would be at ease. When it would just be.
I am uploading some pictures from the India trip. Looking at these pictures, I am thinking - 'I wish I never came back, how I miss home, I want to go back'. The cycle will continue.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time to move on

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal ata hain
Tum hote to aisa hota
Tum hote to waisa hota

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal ata hain

Would have been one happy day today but God had other plans.
move on with the belief and trust that God is looking over and only the best happens to us.

Cannot believe time has gone by so quickly. Would have been my due date today. Feels so awkward that I am saying 'my due' because that was never mine to keep. May bad times and memories fade away like a bad dream.

I am doing much better, in fact the best I've been in a long time. I have put all that happened behind me and look forward to good things.

Fortunately/unfortunately I have come across many people and their stories that helped me understand pain and true meaning of strength.
These people have been around me for so long. But I never gave a second thought to how they faced life's challenges. I thought of other's problems -  like those are things they needed to deal with. And that it's easy because it is what it is and cannot change.
But only a loss as bad as an incomplete pregnancy and the physical pain that goes with it could move me so much. God knows how to straighten us.