Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Time to move on

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal ata hain
Tum hote to aisa hota
Tum hote to waisa hota

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main khayal ata hain

Would have been one happy day today but God had other plans.
move on with the belief and trust that God is looking over and only the best happens to us.

Cannot believe time has gone by so quickly. Would have been my due date today. Feels so awkward that I am saying 'my due' because that was never mine to keep. May bad times and memories fade away like a bad dream.

I am doing much better, in fact the best I've been in a long time. I have put all that happened behind me and look forward to good things.

Fortunately/unfortunately I have come across many people and their stories that helped me understand pain and true meaning of strength.
These people have been around me for so long. But I never gave a second thought to how they faced life's challenges. I thought of other's problems -  like those are things they needed to deal with. And that it's easy because it is what it is and cannot change.
But only a loss as bad as an incomplete pregnancy and the physical pain that goes with it could move me so much. God knows how to straighten us.

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