Thursday, February 16, 2012


It's been more than 2 years I have not been to India. Did not quite realize how these two years just passed by.

When you are enjoying life time flies by, when you are not it stands still, though in reflection of this stillness, the observant may note how much of it has passed, and how much has been wasted...
~Jane Wagner

After we decided on our India trip earlier this month, I have been imagining what I will do once I get home. Meet parents, relatives, friends... play with our house cat maybe?

I have lived each thought; felt it as if real...

I enjoyed the hot weather and played on the sand and blue waters on the beach. I talked to my cousins and met their kids for the first time. I even had our pictures clicked with them.

I smelled the tasty food at the dinner table and saw our Moms forcing us second and third servings. Visited my close friend's house, we talked about 'nothing'. You know the no sense, non sense talks. Laughed and giggled; I heard the laughter so loud.
I even cried while talking to my friends. But did not tell them I missed them.

I watched the sun set at the beach. I smelled the corn roasting on the lit coals near by. It was an amazing feeling.
I even rode a bike and went through my town honking to every person I knew. They gave such big smiles; some had a confused look on their face; they were wondering who this familiar looking gal was. I was wearing my sun glasses I think.

It's amazing how our minds play with us. Fool us and take us to the happy land.

It has been a good last 1 month. My mind has been at it's imaginative best, weaving dreams and planning out things to do. Things to do that it desires not necessarily practical.

My mind had its trip and now its my turn. Excited, anxious, and with heart filled with gratitude I will be home bound soon. 

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