Friday, April 27, 2012

30 day drawing challenge - day 12 - most recent accomplishment

 Early this week a friend and I decided to follow a 8-week exercise schedule that we found online. It was one from the 'Athleta Iron Girl Training Guide'. A simple 5K training with only 3 days a week light jog/walk of 15-30 minutes. Today's plan was a 30 minute light walk.

But after coming home from work, I felt so lazy that I almost decided to cancel the today's walk. But somehow with a little pushing from my husband I motivated and dragged myself into my running shoes and onto the roads.

So today's evening walk is my most recent accomplishment.

BTW, did I tell? I have concluded that the daily drawing challenge was getting old and tiring too. So I have challenged myself that my I should complete the day's drawing in not more than 1/2 hour. Completing the challenge is my target. I am not going to leave it incomplete. 

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