Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Challenge cont. after 1 Wk

My wt loss and healthy living challenge is still going on strong.

I have continued my low carb diet with more protien and fiber. Also early morning Yoga (Padmasadhana) and AOL Kriya is continuing. Evenings I go for atleast 1/2 hr walk. This weekend luckily was a long weekend and we were at home so got to go for longer walks.

My protien and low carb diet has resulted in constipation problems :( Damn! I drink lots of water but thats not helping so much. Any idea how to tackle this problem?

I feel more energetic and more active after these small changes.

I still don't fit into my formal pants and thats concerning. My tummy is not reducing and looks like only walks are not helping. So I am planning to join a gym for some aerobics classes. Lets see how that goes.

I will share some of the recipes I have been looking up online and cooking to help maintain a low carb diet. Its lot of fun to always be on the toes to improve each day.

Life is good!

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