Sunday, June 12, 2011

Challenge - 3rd week continued

Its been 3 weeks now and my healthy food habits and lifestyle is still sticking with me. I feel very proud of myself!

Just back from a 3 mile run. Felt very tired, was the first time I ran, usually I just walk briskly.

Planning to make chicken salad sandwich for lunch tomorrow. Looked up some recipes for Mayonaise and the chicken salad.

Life is full of energy and our laziness makes in boring and dull. C'mon people make some positive changes in your lives too; I assure that you will feel better than you do now.

I have not yet weighed myself; I think weighing scale cannot be the only scale for accomplishment or success.

In any case, I plan to check and see if I have reduced a bit. Would be interesting to see what the change is.

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