Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sensitive huh?

Today a friend mentioned to me how he appreciates my hobbies, specially me writing a blog. I was happy to know that at least there is one more person other than me who reads my blog. (A small secret - I visit my blog very often even if I don't have anything to write. I can read the posts again and again.)

Then he says 'You seem to be very sensitive'.

In a way I think it is so true. If I have to describe me in one word, I would definitely say sensitive. I guess my blog portrays the same.

I am sensitive to kindness, friendship, passion, love, people. I am sensitive to insensitivity too. To rudeness, arrogance, selfishness, disrespect - I guess we all are.

I think sensitivity towards emotions is good as long as it doesn't have a negative influence on you. It helps you to understand people, empathize with others, appreciate others and their actions, you are always aware and learning, you become more approachable, more loving, helpful, more human. More creative and passionate too.

But it is so important to couple maturity and sensibility with sensitivity. Otherwise you can become football of other person's intentions. You may end up hurting yourself if it gets coupled with expectation and aggression.
There have been many instances when my sensitivity becomes a bottleneck and sometimes moves on to depression. But I learn with experience. Yoga/meditation does help me keep myself immune from such possibilities.

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