Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Like a 'Change'?

Does me liking a change, make me a more fun person? If I like the same thing for rest of my life, does it make me less ready to take risks? How does it define my psychology? Well, does it?

Now, by change I mean small things in life, like... what you eat, how you look, what you wear, what you do and so on.

I know just one thing - I don't care! :) I like what I like and I also like that I don't like something. It surprises me at times, to think of certain things I can continue to do forever just the way it has been before or I pick up a taste for something and stick with it without getting bored of it. I feel no one gets habituated to anything like I do.

I was in my office food court the other day for lunch. I looked around every counter to see whats new and making up my mind on what to eat. Every day, most of the counters have something new to offer. I wandered around and then for a moment thought, why am I doing this? I know what I will end up eating anyways.
After a minute of talking to myself, I headed straight to the Deli counter and ordered my favorite Buffalo chicken salad. I have been eating that since the day 1 and even today I order the same thing. One day I forced my self to order a delicious burrito but next day I was back to my buffalo chicken.

I wear the same shoes, use the same purse till they are worn out. Just not my cup of tea to try anything new! Imagine, my husbands name is Navin, meaning new! hehe

If I like something, I will keep it with me forever; it gets difficult to let go of a habit or a taste. Certain things I know is cos of laziness like picking a new purse, or a new hairstyle or trying out a new recipe. Certain things cos if I like something, I am 100% loyal to it. Or may be I don't get bored so easily. But no, I get bored so easily... with everything. Then what is it?


Abhishek Sohani said...

hehe do you still have that striped shirt of yours or the pink one with S on it? :-)

Shreya said...
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Shreya said...

hehe no... i don't have that one...but got another stripped one and though it is worn out, i cannot get rid of it :)