Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art of Living - Part 2 Course

I will be doing my part 2 course in few days and so I thought it would be a good idea to put down my thoughts and apprehensions before I go into the course. I want to re-visit them when I am back and want to see if anything has really changed.

I hear so much from people who have done part 2, about this course and how it has been a life changing experience. But right now I don't expect anything as big as changing my life. I think I am a very level-headed person. Like I always say, I don't get accustomed to any change easily, so I don't see how a 3 day class can be life changing. I am not being negative here, or not supportive of the Art of Living idea but I feel there is very less I may want to change for good right now. I think I am already as good as I can be :)

When I went for the Part 1 course in October of 2008 (last year) I thought it would be a good experience to learn meditation and also get a chance to know what all the hype was about. After I did the part 1, more than me, my husband Navin found a difference in the way I approached everything thereafter. He thinks I have become more passionate and expressive and started enjoying life and worrying less. I don't agree as much but I did realize one thing. All the people who attended the course 1 were from varying backgrounds, had varying lifestyles, talked different languages, followed different religions, some very rich, others barely meeting ends meet, some with big egos and others very friendly.

But when we all sat in that room, we were all humans. We all realized that even though we come from different paths of life, we all were made of the same life elements mind, body, breath and soul. After that I have never had any awkward moment to approach anyone. Money, religion, color, lifestyles, or job positions have never made me think of people differently. I was now able to connect with people easily. I was more passionate about the work I loved and appreciated others without passing judgments.

Now here I am, waiting to learn about part 2. I hear students don't talk for the time the course is going on. Spending even a day without talking scares me. I think it will be boring. I myself don't talk much but doesn't mean I enjoy keeping quiet for days. Interesting I guess!, time will tell.

How will a student ask a question? How will someone indicate they want to use the rest room? Or find the way out to a room? Or ask when is the lunch time? Or share room with others without communicating? May end up being a circus; hope I don't end up being a joker in the circus :)

Part 2 is all about learning about oneself, of dwelling within yourself and getting all questions answered. But seriously, I don't have any questions . I hope I don't learn how big a monster I am or how insane I really am that I end up finding solutions to the insanity. Wish I could meet Navin before I go into this expedition. Who knows, what if he does not recognize me when I am back. You know, like I get transformed into this new person or something! hehe Would be fun... he cracks some PJ (like always) and I don't laugh but instead start teaching him about spirituality and way of life or how to be a good human being? hahaha! that would be a hilarious conversation and I can imagine Navin boiling with anger and regret for not stopping me from taking up the course. I wonder, do they make you sign a disclaimer saying 'We will not be held responsible if you change... or whatever'... Just kidding!
More than Navin, I hope my roommate allows me to stay in the house once I am back!

I am looking forward to go into the part 2 session and sharing my learning once I am back. Stay tuned!

Today...Thursday 2nd April 09
It is strange how things change overnight. I am about to go for the course 2 in couple of hours. But now it is not about curiosity but more of mental peace. I hope I get some peace of mind or learn to keep my cool in tough situations when I come out of the course.
Two days back I got to know that my project at Sears Holdings has ended and I am right now desperately looking for opportunities so that it would allow me to stay back in the US. Otherwise I have to go back to India within a week.
I have been thinking about all this and every time I think about going back to India, it has bothered me. But I just realized that the more you try to run away from it, the more it bothers. But if I think going back is not bad, then there is no pain at all. Be it US or India or anywhere else. All I pray is wherever I end up, I feel at home and peace at mind and happy by heart.

Here I go into the magic course :P Bye for now.

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