Tuesday, January 24, 2012

30 day drawing challenge

Hello! It's been a while I have posted something about me. Life has been going along, I feel better these days compared to last few months. So there has been a definite improvement! There are times when I feel down and tend to go down the memory lane of episodes when I was in the hospital and feel sorry and dull and sad. But the frequency at which that happens and the triggers that cause it to happen have reduced.

I have felt the urge to start blogging and let go of my frustrations that way but then I have compelled myself to stop and pause for a while. Most of the times, those feelings have gone away. Just making me believe that it was temporary and it was just my low energy at play. I am going to write about those feelings and what I have learned from them.

But today I want to write about this 30 day drawing challenge I came across on pinterest. Check it out here! It's a month long project where you sketch 1 drawing everyday. There are 30 topics in all, one for each day. I am planning to start today and hopefully stay on track and finish them in next 30 days.

Wish me all the best! 

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