Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 day drawing challenge - day 2

Today's topic was 'favorite animal'.
We always had cats at home and I have always grown fond of them. At one time we got two tiny kittens from my aunts place. They were white as snow and soft as feather. Everyone just fell in love with them.
We used to have wooden floors at home with long corridors. These two would wake up on the crack of dawn and start chasing each other from one end to the other end of the corridors. I can still remember the sound from the wooden floor as they breezed through the passage. It was beautiful; like just the right notes playing.
I tied black ribbons round their necks. I thought that would protect them from bad omen. Well, my granny had told me that works.
But you know life is so unpredictable. Both the kittens used to be always together no matter where they went.
On one unfaithful day one of them ran right on the road. Other ran after him and got hit by a scooter.
This was the first time I learned how much pain a death can bring.
The one kitten that was left with us never ran those wooden floors again.

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