Thursday, July 16, 2009


I reached early from work and was browsing for MJ videos on YouTube. I watched videos of MJ as a kid, his life story, siblings, family, his interview defending himself, his interview with Oprah where he was asked questions like 'are you a virgin' and 'why do you hold your crotch'.

In all the videos I could see his innocence and his sensitivity. He always did what he felt deeply in his heart. Be it doing a music video, or getting surgeries, marriages, or making babies or anything else.

He himself was a kid in the body of a big man. He liked what he did. He had his own style and personality. Tabloids messed up his life by picking on all the not normal things he did in life.
He was under tremendous stress from media, child abuse allegations, court hearings. But he loved life too much and held on strong.

He always wore makeup even when he was sleeping. Now that is his personal choice. He raised money for charity. When on tours he visited hospitals and spent time with children. Did he do this for publicity? He was already such a big public figure; why would he need more publicity.

MJ name I remember I was a little kid. I heard of him when television trend had just started in India. He was a name which every human being knew. He was such a big name. It is difficult to even comprehend that he is dead. But c'mon, is he really dead? MJ still lives in the hearts and minds of people. For tons of generations ahead, MJ will still be known and remembered as sweetly as he is now or years back. Stars don't die. MJ will live on.

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