Monday, July 27, 2009

Mission Patio

Today I spent all morning cleaning our patio. The plants in there were dying and it was high time they got the right attention. This was the state when I started off.

Cobwebs, dried branches, fallen leaves, dust! I wonder how I did not care for those living plants for last one month. Today I had some time and I knew that it was now or never. I did not know from where to begin. I started from one section of the patio. Looks like the plants somehow hanged on to their lives for this long. I don't know when was the last time anyone cared for them.
It was a very tiring morning cleaning the place. I moved all the pots. Cleared the place of all dried leaves. There were more pots than plants in there. I added water and mixed the mud and made sure the roots of the plants were firmly attached. Sweeping the floor seemed the most difficult with all the mud and dead shoots lying everywhere.

It took a good two hours to clean and organize the place. Here are some pictures of the patio after I cleaned it. The place still looks dull with the plants almost dying but hopefully I will not ignore them and take good take of them that they come back to life green and fresh.

Yes yes dear. Our garden is becoming greener... in fact colorful too :) Look at the picture of our new flower!

8-Aug-2009 - And now more buds


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Navin Rane said...

Ohh dear :) I am sure our garden will be greener soon.