Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When will this end?

It is almost one week since the terrorists attacks in Mumbai. I wish I could express my feelings of anguish, hatred and depression and put it all out here so that I get a good night sleep.

I was on phone with Mom and my relatives in Mumbai on the day when I got to know of the horrible news. The news that was being telecast on TV as a gang shootout continued for three days and ended in over 170 people killed in the horrendous massacre.

Those 170 people could have been one of my friends or relatives or me. The media coverage showed bleeding bodies, crying injured people, some hanging at the windows waiting for help and rescuers. People articulated their experiences at the tragic incidence. Some video coverage showed bullets shot at people passing by the busy roads of Mumbai.

Some videos showed the faces of terror while others showed the aftermath of the episode. So many lives lost; none of them ever expected that it would have been their last day to live. So many families lost their beloved ones; the gap will never be filled again.

I wish I had a remedy to the pain and suffering in the world or at least someone did. I look upon nature to bring peace and happiness to everyone and wish humans respect life in its totality.

It has been a very saddened week with Mumbai attack news running through my head all the time. I pray to God that I get the strength, courage and opportunity to do my bit to make this planet a place for everyone to live with peace and harmony.

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