Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Favorite Babies!

Sparsh and Rudra are the cutest babies I know. Wanted to share some of their pictures I had clicked whenever I happened to meet them. Rudu lives right across my house; so I have loads of her pictures.

Both are growing so fast! I remember seeing them within days of their birth and they were so tiny. Having known their mommies Aarti (Sparshu's mom) and Bindiya (Rudu's mom) even before the little ones were born, makes them all the more special to me.

To see more of Sparshu and Rudu click here. Also check out these videos listed on YouTube.
(I hate my voice in all the videos :P)


The experience begins ... said...

I think so far this is your best topic that you have written on, not for the content as the content's always good but for the lovely pics. Fabulous !!

Shreya said...

Hehe.. Thanks Anubhav. Actually I had loads of pics and videos tht I wanted to share with the moms of these cute kids. Thgt I add them to my blog :)