Monday, January 20, 2014

Being so inconsiderate

Honk! Honk! b@dw0rd$! It's a daily struggle on Bangalore roads. Every single person is in a hurry, except the people crossing the roads. People crossing the road, seem to have learnt an art to put their lives in danger with a calm look on their face. It simply amazes me when I see people dodge a big huge bus rushing towards them with a gentle and not to forget accurate movement of their hips. And while doing so, continue to merrily talk on their phone, like nothing out of the ordinary happened.
Not to forget the fast and furious 2-wheelers on the roads. You can see kids, toddlers dozing just behind the handle bars; while the rider coolly, races just against the wheels of a loaded truck. Only a fool would say this is not dangerous. But people are like this, or I think have learned to live like this; art of risking lives.
And the mighty comfy 4 wheeler cars, what can I say! Every car driver seem to have lost their patience! If a car slows down or God forbids stops on the road to give way to an old couple crossing the road, the cars behind will honk to glory and will not miss to shout a few bad words. It costs agony to be courteous while driving - be it to the pedestrians or fellow cars.

Why are the buses, cars, bikes and pedestrians so careless? I will make sure I cross the road, others go to hell. I will make sure I race the trucks, who cares of the on coming traffic- they'll stop or find a way out. I will make sure I drive my slow truck on the fast moving lane, who cares if I am slowing the traffic on a free way?

Why are we so inconsiderate?

I think the learning starts at home. How many times do parents stop kids from throwing a banana skin on the road? Forget kids, how many times do people think twice before spitting on the road or throwing thrash on the roads? Keep your houses clean, don't care of the neighbors, or a passer by. You may think uneducated would behave like this. But education plays a very small part here.

One day I was watching a lady and her grandson water plants in a building complex. There were no water pipes, they had to fill water in a bucket from a tap which was a little far from the plant bed. After several trips, all the plants were watered except a few at the end. As the kid was going to water those, the granny stops the kid saying, no no don't water them, those are not ours! What? You planted a few plants in the building complex, so they become yours? But those others, ignore those? What would you loose to water the rest of plants and use the water you had with you? What is that you are teaching your kid?

This is just one example. We can see a similar kind of behavior even in corporate places. How many times do you see people walking in groups, occupying the full breadth of a road? Or people standing right at the entrance of a door or gate and engrossed in talking? Or how many people hold the door for you? In fact if someone happens to hold the door, the next few in line would see how best to squeeze through the open door.

The attitude of keep ourselves, our family and friends happy, while others don't exists - is ruining us. 'Being Human' is just a brand of clothes worn but not understood. Soon, more and more generations down the line will become more oblivious of those around.

Why are we turning out like this? 

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Aruna Srinivasan said...

With regards to the "not our plant" situation, it depends on history. For all we know, the folks who planted the "other" plants do not like folks watering it -- just trying to see the positive in the situation.

I agree, folks need to be more is too fast, hence more the need to be kind to everyone you meet and not reserve it for the few you know.

As usual, thanks for penning down your thoughts for the likes of me to read:)

Take care