Monday, June 18, 2012

Sweeney Ridge

This place is within 2 miles from where I live. Never went up there. It is beautiful! If you want to go for a quiet walk this is the place. The walk up to the top of the mountain was tiring, but once I reached there, I wished I had gone there before. Majestic mountains, lush green and tall, the view of the Daly city covered with fog, the airport; you can see the planes take off and land, the view of the San Andreas lake, cool breeze, breath taking view of the Pacific Ocean.

I started from the Sneath Lane gate uphill until I reached the signed path to the Discovery site. I was worried the gate would close at 8 pm so hurried down, but saw many photographers hurry up the slope to take the glimpse of the sun set in the pacific ocean.

If you are in and around the Bay Area, don't miss on this beauty. More details on where to start, how much of the walk etc can be found here - southbayhikes

Photos taken with my iPhone 4. 

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