Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bread making gone wrong

Last week my colleague at work got something really interesting in his lunch box. It looked like a dosa but it had vegetables in them. First thing he said was how bored he and his wife were to cook anything the previous day so made this dish.

I know what he was saying. I know how it feels to go home and first thing decide what to cook. And if within so much time you don't think of anything fun or interesting, you have tons of reasons not to cook. And ofcourse end up picking a fatty burrito or lousy chicken curry from Au's kitchen.

And as part of heathy lifestyle I have decided to carry home cooked food to work. Every single day! Yes, every day. Believe it or not, I have been successful 2 weeks in a row (just one more day to go in this week)!!!
Here's the recipe - Thalipit!

Cooking has always been fun these 2 weeks. I know what you would be thinking. When did cooking become fun especially when you do it everyday? Well, thats the thing. I was not regular at all. Now and then I get a sudden prick of enthu shot and challenge myself to a every day healthy meal contest.
Last night I was tried baking some bread! And this is what they turned out to be!

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