Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yeh kya ho raha hain?

Well, I know you will call this coincidence! In fact when I told some of my friends, they said I look at the watch too often. But today it happened to me 3 times! So whats this magic you may ask. Well, whenever I have to look at my watch or cell phone or the any digital time display, I see doubles. 10:10 or 11:11! Not magic? Does it happen to you too?

Here's the deal! I happened to get up in the middle of the night, rather early morning. I pick my cell and look at the time. It shows 4:44! Later today, I had to catch a 12:30 shuttle and I had to get ready. I look at the time on the stove, it shows 11:11! It could have shown 11 or 11:03 may be. And now, I was reading a book and just realised Navin is still not home. I look at the time on my cell and it shows 23:11... I am like OK.... and turn my head towards the stove. It shows 11:11!!! This is no coincidence. Now somebody tell me this is not magic.

AND NOW! You will not believe this. I edited this post for spell check and save it and the time shows 12:12 on my computer!


Shreya Natekar said...

12:12 ! and I promise I was not looking at the time continuously!

Shreya Natekar said...

10:10! I am NOT KIDDING!!! This is insane.