Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Didi...

Today is my sis's birthday... for more than 20 years we celebrated our birthdays together. Our birthdays fall one week apart. Mom and Dad always hosted a birthday party for all our cousins, neighbors and friends one a weekend that fell between the two dates! every year! until I think we started going to higher secondary when it felt a bit awkward... and we wanted to spend time with our own friends... and we did not want birthdays at home lol!
Since Purwa's bday was after mine, most of the times the celebrations were close to her birth date and at times right on her bday! I hated that... but what the heck... we both got gifts on the day :) BTW, (a small secret) we also used to wear ditto pattern dresses! You can see that in the pic below as well!

Wish you a very happy birthday and happy life sista!

Another small secret... after a little while... i stopped calling her 'Didi' :P felt awkward somehow (I am now a big gal feeling I guess)... but I never called her by name either lol! (Indian sentiments for elders I guess)

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P S said...

just saw this post.. :)... as usual not regular with my emails Thanks.. I must have not told you this, but Straight from my heart..I love you little sister.. Every time I think of you, you make me feel proud.. We might have fought a thousand times, and kicked each other a million times, but connect of the heart is too strong to break us apart. - Love you - Bless U