Monday, August 10, 2009

Burnt Out

It sounded so simple... Cut the apricots into halves, cover with honey, add whipped egg white with almonds. Bake for ... for? Hmm I forgot how much time they had mentioned.
Well, actually I was skimming through the TV channels and landed on one interesting show showing low calorie deserts. Baked apricot! And it looked so yummy. And easy. And it was a baking dish. Did I say I have been addicted to baking for past few weeks? I have been baking cakes and last week I also
baked fish :)


Simple procedure isn't it? I set the oven 375 F. 20 minutes? Seemed no change in the texture since what I started with. So I added 15, then another 20 and then another 30.

Bing Bing Bing! The timer went off. I looked through the oven glass. Well, not bad. Looked delicious still. I let it lay there for a little more. And went to watch a movie.
Pathetic movie! Something gonna give... or some nonsense like that. Never knew Jack Nicholson could give some movie this silly!

In an hour or two I thought I should see how my desert was doing. And what do I see???

Here! Huh.

Yeh I know :(

I never knew the oven would keep heating even after the timer died out.

This was what remained after I had to throw away the so called charred Apricots. And this oven tray still looks like this even after 2-3 days soaking in water. Any idea how to get rid of the unwanted hardened grease from the tray?


P S said...

Recipe sounds yummy and good for the tummy too..hmm ..for your tray.. well you can put some boiling water in the tray and scrub the dish while the water is in. if you can boil water in the tray and then scrub... all the better. All the best -Purwa ;)

Patricia Torres said...

That try reminded me of myself... not to worry.. you are not alone!!

Nids said...

haha :) ... go to walmart and get the toughest stain remover... and if that doesnt work, well what can I say, get a new baking dish!! :D